Officially launched in April 2011, the uGeW Initiative was created in recognizing that the huge Jewish community on GW’s campus had communal, intellectual, and spiritual needs that were not being met.  Many Jewish students seek moments of meaning – but don’t always find this meaning through traditional models of Jewish practice.

uGeW provides the tools to GW students who seek to cultivate their own sense of Jewish identity – on their own terms and in a way that will reverberate for many years to come.  At the heart of this approach is 1:1 relationship building, cultivated by our fabulous class of uGeW interns.  They are ready, willing, and able to take you out for coffee, hear your story, and create the right Jewish community building opportunity for you.

Meet our 2017-2018 Interns

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Hannah Goldstein

Freshmen Engagement

Hillel has been a huge part of my freshmen year and has had an amazing role in why I love GW so much. I am excited to give that back to the incoming freshmen and do everything I can to give them a welcoming and inclusive experience at GW.


Katelin Gochberg

Freshmen Engagement

I am so excited to be one of the freshman engagement interns! I met some of my closest friends at Launchpad and I know my experience here at GW has been shaped by the time I’ve spent at Hillel. I can’t wait to help the class of 2021 start sculpting their Jewish identities!


Adeena Eisen

Senior Engagement

I am so excited to connect seniors with the tools they need to continue creating vibrant Jewish lives beyond college.


Justyn Needel


I am so excited to be the birthright uGeW and get people pumped to see the beautiful country of Israel. Most people, are not lucky enough to experience this place people call, home, but I am so honored to get people excited to become one with themselves and the land of Israel.

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Shelley Friedland

Online Engagement

Throughout my time at GW so far, I’ve realized how important one’s Jewish identity is and that this identity is always changing and growing based on our interactions and experiences. Therefore, I’m excited to help make Jewish life more accessible to and better reach the entire Jewish community here to support others in strengthening and expanding their own sense of Jewish identity.

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Rachel Katz

Challah Chomies & ToolBox

I am so excited to be a uGeW intern next year! I think this position will allow me to bring the home that I found in Hillel to other students at GW. I hope to be resource and means for students to be able to continue Jewish practices outside of the Hillel house. I cannot wait for all that is to come.


Matt Grosswald

Challah Chomies & ToolBox

I’m excited to take this job because I want people to get more involved in Jewish life on campus. I think we are going to be able to build a stronger, more active community through various activities both on and off campus! Next year will be one of GW Hillel’s best!


Marietta Richman

Social Events

As a rising Sophomore at GW, I am excited to get my Colonial friends more socially involved this year through different activities and programs.  I look forward to meeting new people and bringing everyone together at the events we’re planning for next year

Leora Weitzman


I’m so thrilled to help make holidays at GW unique experiences for students while upholding tradition.


Tali Edid

Greek Life Outreach

As uGeW Greek Outreach Intern, I am excited to welcome incoming freshmen into the Hillel family on campus before they find a family in the Greek life community as well! I have found some of the most important people in my life through Hillel and I can’t wait for more students to do the same.

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