For every student interest, there is a student group under the umbrella of GW Hillel.  Take a look at the groups below – to get more information about these groups, contact the group president whose email address is also listed.

If you don’t see something that speaks to you among the many offerings, we’ll help you create it!  Some of today’s current student groups started with an idea and a few students, and have grown into large organizations.  So, whether you want to launch a Jewish magazine or explore the Jewish community when you study abroad, let us know!  Contact Adena for more information.

JSA logo

The Jewish Student Association is the overarching body for all things Jewish at GW.  Recognized by the university as one of the largest student orgs on campus, they represent the 3000+ Jewish undergrads on campus seeking their own niche within Jewish life.  Many committees make up the JSA, with each creating unique programming and opportunities to reach a wide array of populations, including  Tzedek (social action), Politics, Arts & Culture, Social, & Intramurals.  The JSA also supports and funds Shabbat & Holidays, GW Challah For Hunger, and all religious groups (learn more by looking below).


GW Student Alliance for Israel (SAFI) is a pro-Israel organization that seeks to educate fellow students and faculty members with regards to the politics, culture, and history of the State of Israel and promote the ideals of Zionism. SAFI puts on a variety of events ranging from interactive cultural activities to large lectures. Contact Lauren Pollack (President) or visit our Facebook page.


GW for Israel (GWI) is dedicated to supporting and strengthening the U.S.-Israel alliance through involvement in the American political process. We take full advantage of our unique location in Washington, D.C., to advocate for a strong relationships between the two nations. GAP is committed to accomplishing our goals through educating GW students and faculty, the community-at-large, and current and future policy makers about the current issues and challenges surrounding the U.S.-Israel relationship, our mutual interests, and shared values. For more information, check us out on Facebook.

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J Street U @ GW is a pro-Israel organization that advocates for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; one that ensures peace, security and social justice in Israel, the future state of Palestine and across the Middle East. As supporters of Israel, we are firmly committed to protecting the future of the State of Israel as a Jewish democratic homeland. We believe the fates of a secure Israel and a viable Palestinian state are intertwined; that the peace and security of both peoples is achievable only through a negotiated, two-state solution. Through various events, activities, and political initiatives, we week to broaden the conversation on Israel within our community by fostering an inclusive environment and informing the student body about the issues at hand. For more information, find us on Facebook.

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TAMID at GW is a comprehensive, multi-phased program that connects future business leaders and entrepreneurs to the Israeli business network and economy. This student led organization fosters the next generation of philanthropists, leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs through a comprehensive business, finance, and consulting curriculum developed by renowned professors, as well as business professionals and MBA students. TAMID, a national organization currently on 29 campuses throughout the United States, is unique in its mission of developing the professional skills of undergraduate students through hands on interaction with the Israeli economy. TAMID also works to change the context of how students think about and view Israel by focusing on the country’s technology, business innovation, and economic development.  For more info, visit